It all began in 1993 in his faded wallpaper room decorated with little sparrows in a style 80 years well asserted. Drowned under the cables and cassettes of his four Tascam tracks Xerak gave birth to his first Mixsteak "Shake your Pixels on the Sexfloor" a mini CD engraved at home and accompanied by a handmade packaging and all sold in series very limited. For ten years he produced one a year. Distributed in two Parisian underground stores: Bimbo Tower and the Art Factory they were prized by some collectors. You will find the details of his outings by browsing his discography. In response to the intelligentsia of French Touch labels and labels he made his own videos and started his Electrofun and Pixel Music movement. Mixing techno punk 8 bits and electro he forged his reputation of huluberlu of the electronic music by creating different avatars for his apocalyptic and humorous scenic shows. He started at independent European and Japanese parties bars and festivals. Comics artist he drew from 2011 to 2018 a cartoon "President Xerak" in three volumes featuring fighting of mutant politicians. Located in a parallel dimension the Republix this work is inspired by Japanese sentai and makes fun of the power in place.

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