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NFT Comic Book on Ethereum Blockchain


A numbered NFT comic designed, written, graded and signed by XERAK, including a downloadable digital edition and an interactive physical AR edition that will be sent to you wherever you are in the world.

Explore the universe of PSYCHO GUM tracing the history of X and MEGA through a total of 96 pages of a psychedelic & sci-fi adventure.

What you get?

✨NFT format with unlocked content PDF

✨AR Contents with music & animation inside

✨Printed paper format send by post with the Token ID and the transaction number

✨Paper version autographed by XERAK

Everything you buy from this collection is an NFT plus a physical product that will be sent to you wherever you are located. On each NFT, there is a transaction number. Every Psycho Gum NFT is a comic-book collectible graded and certified by XERAK. Count between two or four weeks to receive your physical comic. The owner of the NFT has to redeem the physical product within 12 months from the first buying date. So if you choose to resell the NFT, you have to send the physical product (if you actually received the physical item) or the transaction number to the new customer.

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Story Drawing & Music by Xerak
© Copyright 2024 Psycho Gum all rights reserved